DigiQure – Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

A fully-customizable healthtech solution offering a range of features, including video consultation, appointment management, patient follow-ups, and more.

Electronic Health Record Management Software


An innovative health-tech product designed to streamline clinical governance.

Our cloud-based platform offers independent doctors and clinics the benefits of productivity, efficiency, security, and affordability.

With DigiQure, users enjoy a wide range of features, including digital assistance, appointment scheduling and booking, notifications, doctors’ information, patient records, telemedicine, vendor/third party management, reporting, and more.

Our customizable solution can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, making it the most feature-rich and flexible electronic healthcare solution available.

DigiQure is a cloud-based solution for independent doctors and clinics who desire productive, efficient, secure and affordable technology to fulfill their needs.

DigiQure streamlines healthcare operations, boosts digital presence, and fosters effective doctor-patient communication, resulting in enhanced productivity for healthcare professionals, saved time for staff, faster patient care, and increased transparency throughout the treatment cycle.


DigiQure utilizes 256 bit encryption and stores data on secure cloud storage provided by AWS. It is certified with ISO-27001 for complete confidentiality and data integrity.

DigiQure is a fully-customizable Clinic Management System (CMS) with features like Video Consultation, Appointment Management, Digital Prescription, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Billing & Payments, and Patient Follow-ups.

DigiQure provides a range of features to enhance patient experience and engagement, including transactional and promotional messaging, video consultations, a dynamic web page for doctor profile with sections for FAQs and patient testimonials, and health blogs and articles to increase your digital footprint.