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IOTA Informatics is a health-tech startup focusing to be an ever-evolving global company with focus on enhancing the quality of life and saving time for people through technological innovation and simplification in healthcare industry.

Founded by NITians, IOTA Informatics envisions betterment in healthcare ecosystem across the country with the help of latest technological advancements. With focus to extend healthcare services in rural areas, IOTA Informatics leverages comprehensive IT solutions to make lives better. Through our various product chains, we entice different players in Healthcare Industry like Doctors, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Clinic Practitioners & most importantly the people to join us in making healthcare available and accessible to all.

Meet Team Awesome

Saket asati

Saket is the Innovator and Industry Strategist. He has held quite a few high tech senior management positions in the USA for over 10 years. 

Saket is serving as the Technical Director at IOTA Informatics taking care of the product roadmap & development.

Akanksh tandon

Akanksh is a Marketing Strategist at IOTA Informatics. He brings vast experience in the field of marketing and defining sales strategies. 

Akanksh was previously working in BHEL India but left his government job with grit to serve a bigger purpose.


ankur chaurasia

Ankur is the founder and CEO of IOTA Informatics. Ankur has more than 10 years of experience in technology and is running all facets of the business. 

Ankur is serving as The business guide behind IOTA Informatics.

We Couldn't Do It Without Them

Our team works diligently to incorporate the newest technological advancements and provide continuous updates to serve you with amazing user-friendly features