It’s been a while, I became a part of IOTA and DigiQure family, the learning and the opportunities that I had so far I don’t think I would have it anywhere else. It feels really amazing to work with such talented and hardworking seniors. Being from outside of Bhopal they have shown their consideration and hospitality towards me for which I am very thankful to them.The best thing what I find (personally) amazing about working here is that you get to work (learn) with the Co-founders which In itself is a great thing because there is no such thing called management hierarchy here, so you can easily convey your points to the founders. The work culture here is just great, flexible timings, work from home facility, we have several Stress booster sessions, Study sessions and many recreational activities like Outings etc. We have several festival celebrations which also brings joy to us, like recently we had Diwali festival where we celebrated it by wearing traditional attires and had all the fun.

I find myself lucky to be a part of the family and will definitely align myself with the goals of the company and with my contribution to our product will try to bring a revolution in healthcare ecosystem.

The way you all guide, your support just make everything around here much fascinating which I think is just best an employee could ever get for which I am very thankful to the company. Best wishes to all of us. #DigiQure

Harsh Srivastava
ASE, IOTA Informatics

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