PhysioTimes + DigiQure = PhysiQure

Team IOTA is making moves!

Announcing a new joint venture between IOTA Informatics and PhysioTimes, producer of an app which assists physiotherapists. We believe bringing these two companies together creates more opportunity for our future growth!

Joint venture between PhysioTImes and DigiQure

Team IOTA has worked diligently to make DigiQure a powerful app that enables doctors to manage their clinic’s day to day tasks, such as scheduling, digitalising prescriptions, and managing patients electronic health records (EHR). DigiQure continues to raise the bar for bringing digitalisation into the healthcare industry! Collaborating with PhysioTimes is a smart next step.

PhysioTimes was founded by Anant Singh Gaur and his wife, Anubha, with a similar vision as DigiQure – to create an IT solution to facilitate better healthcare. The PhysioTimes app currently helps thousands of physiotherapists across India, manage and streamline their practices, using a digital platform.

PhysioTimes magazine has over 10,000 subscribers.

Over the last few months, we have been discussing ideas with Anant and Anubha regarding how to revolutionise digital healthcare and take physiotherapy to the next level. We plan to create an even stronger product with added capabilities for a wider range of healthcare professionals.

We believe the possibilities for improving healthcare for all are endless, therefore, we are excited to see where this new strategic partnership takes DigiQure and PhysioTimes!

Stay tuned!

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