Girl Power.

Girl Power

This snap shows happy faces of IOTA TEAM. I feel lucky to be a part of it. The work culture and team spirit here are exceptional. This click is only a part of thousands of happy moments we have all spent together. There are various events our company organizes for refreshment and employee betterment. Welcome party for new joiners, birthday celebrations, refreshment parties are a few to list down.

“To win marketplace you must first win the workplace!” – It’s a saying every company says they follow but there is a difference. IOTA co-founders (Ankur, Saket, and Akanksh) not only believe in this but they make it real. They behave not like a boss but as a mentor who guide their employees to gain ground and achieve success.

IOTA Informatics is not just a workplace for me, it’s a place where my outlook for professionalism has changed in a positive way. Here, I can innovate myself, can place my perspective on the board without any fear of being denounced.

At IOTA we do teamwork, we do help, we do respect punctuality and responsibility, we do laugh, we do friendship, we have cold-coffees and cakes, we communicate and listen. My journey at IOTA has been great so far and I’m sure it’s going to be the same in the future. I give my best as I know my success will take my company to greater heights. I am really thankful to IOTA for making my professional life much constructive and comfortable.

Sumati Ranjan (center of the picture)

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