DigiQure: Welcome the future with OPEN ARMS!

The development of specific health-tech software such as DigiQure means that we are giving aid to healthcare industry to build a better future. For example, the World Health Organization has been able to classify the disorders and illnesses, their causes and symptoms into an enormous database that incorporates more than 14,000 codes[1]. This resource gives clinical experts and analysts or researchers the mobility to follow, recover, retrieve and use important information in the battle to control infections or diseases and give better healthcare services in general.

DigiQure Clinic Management Software additionally plays a crucial job in tracking procedures and using billing methods that lessen administrative work levels, yet in addition permits medical practitioners to utilize this information to improve the quality of care and overall efficiency. Doctors report that they are deriving enormous benefits from the drive toward a complete digital system of Electronic Health Records (EHR), while patients appreciate the way DigiQure Patient’s Mobile App has brought in a noteworthy level of transparency in the way healthcare services are delivered.

Another key area that has grown and continues to do so is patient care. The use of information technology has made patient care safer and more reliable in most applications. DigiQure is also on its way to the patients’ side portal for its users. The way clinic attendants, receptionists, nurses and doctors who are chipping away at the front-line are now routinely utilizing hand-held Tablets & PCs to continuously record significant patient information and then sharing it immediately inside their refreshed clinical history is an excellent illustration of the benefits of healthcare IT.

Having the option to collect lab results, records of vital signs and other basic patient information into one centralized area has changed the degree of care and effectiveness a patient can hope to get when they enter the healthcare system. Technology is considered as the main thrust behind upgrades in healthcare and, when you take a look at the pace of progress and late advancements, many find it hard not to agree with that observation. We at IOTA Informatics Pvt. Ltd. have seen many positive changes in healthcare IT industry and expect to continue witnessing more exciting developments in the future!

-Sumit Wairagade

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